Catalonia’s government delegate in Brussels, Meritxell Serret, urges the EU to be “consistent” when dealing with the Catalan independence issue. Talking to the Catalan News Agency (ACN), she compares the Union’s stance on Hong Kong with their position on Catalonia: “We urge the EU to be consistent and what they declare for other conflicts, like Hong Kong, they apply it also inside Europe”.

As for the Catalan issue, “they have to work for a peaceful and democratic solution, which puts an end to repression against the pro-independence ideology” says Serret. Europe should help to stop the repression, according to her, who was a Catalan minister during the 2017 independence push and went in exile after the declaration of independence.

Third European arrest warrant

In the near future, Serret, along with other ministers and exiled president Carles Puigdemont, are likely to face a third extradition request by Spain after two failed attempts. The Spanish Supreme Court might launch a European arrest warrant as soon as the verdict on the leaders who stayed in Catalonia is out in the coming days.

Serret claims there is “no base” for the accusations against her and says a third extradition request will not mean she loses her job. “This does not affect by any means, I have this post because I am a free citizen in Belgium,” she says.

Concerning the unionist parties’ pressure on the EU to amend the European arrest warrant system so that it is easier to extradite individuals such as Puigdemont and herself, she says this is against “strengthening the European project.” “They want the member states’ decisions to be protected,” adds Serret.

Upcoming verdict and Borrell

Serret also commented the upcoming verdict on the political prisoners saying that in the event of a guilty verdict, it is important that some international actors react so that “the path to politics and dialogue” is back. “They are more and more aware that the Catalan conflict is not an internal issue, but European.”

Serret also referred to Spain’s foreign minister’s bid to become EU head of diplomacy, asking him for “neutrality” in the Catalan issue. She urged him not to act according to his “personal opinions” as High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy if he is elected. Borrell, a staunch anti-independence Socialist politician, will face a hearing in the EU parliament on Monday.