Embassies of Russia, Israel and Germany criticise neo-Nazi event in Madrid

Nazi symbols and antisemitic proclamations were tolerated in an open tribute to the Francoist Blue Division

17.02.2021 - 10:46
Actualització: 17.02.2021 - 11:46

The Russian embassy in Spain considers that the Nazi symbols and antisemitic proclamations at a fascist event on Saturday in Madrid are “unacceptable”. The event was a tribute to the Blue Division, a unit of volunteers from Francoist Spain within Hitler’s  Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front during World War II. In a brief statement posted on the networks, the Russian embassy says that there are “more worthy ways to commemorate the fallen who died giving credit to Hitler’s propaganda  than to brag about being close to the Nazis.” Russia recalls that Nazism killed tens of millions of innocent people, including six million Jews and twenty-seven million Soviets.

The Israeli embassy has also condemned Saturday’s fascist mobilization in Madrid. Ambassador Rodica Radian-Gordon called the antisemitic proclamations “disgusting” and said they had no place in a democratic society. “Education and learning the truth about history is the way to keep the past from happening again” she added.

German ambassador Wolfgang Dold joined the criticism and asked to “identify” antisemitism to avoid its dangers.

The tribute to the Blue Division saw Nazi and fascist symbolism and proclamations were made against the Jews, as can be seen in the videos broadcast by La Marea. Spain’s public prosecution has opened an investigation into the antisemitic proclamations.

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