The far-right has burst into Spanish politics following Vox’s historic results in Andalusia’s election, securing a majority of seats for right-wing parties in the regional parliament for the first time since democracy was established. Vox’s proposed policies include deporting all undocumented immigrants, building an “impassable wall” in the border with Africa, suspending Catalonia’s self-rule, and banning any party or organization defending independence.

The ruling Socialist party only retained 33 seats in its worst results ever. The conservative People’s Party (PP) came second with 26 MPs, and Ciutadans (Cs), with 21 seats, surpassed left-wing Adelante Andalusia, with 17.

With 12 seats, Vox will be the smallest party in the regional parliament. As PP and Cs open the door to a deal with the far-right, the Socialists could see an end to their 40-year long reign in Spain’s most populated region. Andalusian president Susana Díaz called on “constitutionalist parties to stop the far-right,” as Cs and PP pledged to oust the Socialists from the regional government.

Reconquest on the way

“VOX triumphs in Andalusia! 12 seats and an end to the Socialist regime. The #EspañaViva makes history and shows that change is possible,” the group tweeted following the election results.

In a reference to the historical period when Christian kingdoms took all Iberian Muslim territories, Vox added that “the Reconquista (reconquest) starts in Andalusia and will extend to the rest of Spain.”

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Rassemblement National, greeted the results of their “friends”, which she described as a “young and dynamic movement.”

Catalonia as electoral issue

Along with Cs and PP, Vox repeatedly criticized the Socialist party during the election campaign for improving the relationship with the Catalan pro-independence government, thus turning Catalonia into an unlikely political weapon in a regional election.

Vox’s results in Andalusia confirm the party’s rise in polls after getting 0.2% of votes in the last Spanish election. Founded in 2013 and led by Santiago Abascal, polls suggest that Vox would enter parliament if fresh polls were called.


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