ARA footage

The far-right Vox party did not let a black citizen in a party event in Salt, near Girona, in northern Catalonia. Some footage published by the Catalan newspaper ARA show this citizen and a woman trying to get in the event, held on Saturday afternoon, but being halted by security guards in the entrance. They start to talk and after four minutes, they leave the building.

According to the Guinean-born Mamadi Keita, they did not let him and the woman accompanying him in on the grounds that “only party members” could take part, which he called “excuses.” The security guards told them they could not register them as party members in the spot, and went on to tell them that the venue was already full –despite the images showing people getting in during the discussion.

Vox party told that they have “no record” of the incident. The media was not granted access to the place either.  Far-right Vox party has an ideology very critical with immigration, feminism, abortion, and pro-independence parties. The party takes part these days in the trial against Catalan pro-independence leaders in madrid as “popular prosecutor”.

Some three hundred antifascist activists rallied outside the place where the event was held to demand for venues not to allow Vox gatherings. There was some tension in the scene but the Catalan police managed to keep both Vox members and antifascist groups apart and the event ended with no major incidents.