Mural work by Fontcuberta in Barcelona

“Glimpses of the lockdown” is a participatory work of art by Catalan artist Joan Fontcuberta in the format of a huge photomosaic to pay homage to collective solidarity during the Covid-19 crisis. Through thousands of photographs of the confinement, this project seeks to depict how people have self-organised to endure and overcome these difficult times. Fontcuberta plans to “make a monumental mural that will remain in the future as a witness and tribute to this great experience of collective solidarity.”

The artist Joan Fontcuberta will be in charge of turning hundreds of thousands of photographs showing collective resilience to manage difficulties into an artistic and cultural project of international repercussion. The artist will create a final image with all the pictures submitted via web. The project has been set up by Omnium Cultural, the main cultural and human rights NGO in Catalonia, together with the Cruïlla Festival, one of the big music festivals in Barcelona, where the final work will be exhibited.

“With the commitment of Joan Fontcuberta, we save for posterity the struggle for a dignified life through culture and empowerment. A brave culture that reaffirms the strength of collective power “, said the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, currently in jail for defending fundamental rights during the pro-independence process.

Omnium’s vice-president, Marcel Mauri, also emphasised the ability of citizens to overcome difficulties: “This confinement has changed our daily lives. We saw the balconies full of life; we have discovered other ways to be with our family, friends or neighbours, and we have applauded the medical staff, the supermarket cashiers, and the volunteers, who have worked against the clock to save lives and leave no one behind”.

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