The Catalan Emergency Medical Service (SEM) attended last night a protestor who was injured in the eye. The events took place at 10pm at one of the car parks at the Barcelona airport, after a police charge. Witnesses present on the site say that while the medical services took care of the young man, the police charged again.

Bellvitge Hospital, where the young man was taken to, informed this morning that he is pending a surgical intervention. According to the center, it has a crushed eyeball and several facial wounds that are compatible with a rubber ball impact.

Also this morning, the Spanish police have confirmed to Catalunya Ràdio that they shot rubber balls last night. The Catalan Parliament prohibited its use, but Spanish police consider that the restriction does not affect them. During the independence referendum of 2017, a Spanish police officer produced similar injuries to Roger Español.

The Emergency Medical System (SEM) attended 131 people yesterday during the protests against the sentence. The rest of the injuries were in Barcelona (eight people), four in Maçanet de la Selva, three in Lleida and one in Reus.

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