Puigdemont to Borrell: “Please make a Borrellexit”

Catalan exiled president criticizes the EU's double standards and scolds Borrell at the European Parliament

09.02.2021 - 18:06
Actualització: 09.02.2021 - 19:06

Catalan exiled president Carles Puigdemont spoke today in the plenary of the European Parliament about Josep Borrell’s visit to Russia as High Representative of the European Union. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, reminded him about the imprisonment of Catalan political leaders after Borrell asked for the release of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni.

In his speech at the European Parliament today, Puigdemont told Borrell: “You should have told Lavrov that he was wrong, that Spain does not have three political prisoners, but nine. That they cannot be compared to Navalni, because he has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison and the Catalan leaders have been sentenced to between nine and thirteen years in prison for organizing a referendum. We had warned that the double standards of the European Union undermine its global credibility as a defender of freedoms. And now there are humiliating consequences for everyone. This double standard of the European Union undermines its global credibility as a defender of rights. The European Union cannot go around the world demanding things that do not apply to itself. I want a Europe that is strong for human rights and without complexes. In front of everyone, not just Russia, or the United States, China, Morocco or Turkey, but in front of everyone. You are not that voice, Mr. Borrell. Mr. Borrell, make a Borrellexit. ”


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