Mallorcan rapper Valtònyc has followed the path of Catalan pro-independence politicians and has also gone into exile to avoid prison. He went to Belgium a few days ago, as he had to comply with a condemnation of three and a half years of prison for glorifying terrorism and for serious injuries to the Spanish crown in verses of his songs.

The convicted rapper warned on Wednesday that he would “not make it easy” for the authorities to put him in prison, because “disobeying is legitimate and obligatory against a fascist state.” The artist, who was found guilty of glorifying terrorism, slander and defamation against the crown over the content of his lyrics, regretted on Twitter that the authorities will have to “break down” his door to put him in prison “over some songs.”

At the beginning of May, Spain’s Constitutional Court dismissed the rapper’s appeal against his conviction, with the National Court setting a deadline of 10 days for him to be locked up, a deadline that expires on Thursday. Valtonyc, who real name is José Miguel Arenas Beltrán and who is facing up to three and a half years behind bars, has said he will not go to prison voluntarily.


Just a few days ago, supporters of Valtonyc pointed out that if the rapper goes to prison he will become the first musician in Spain to do so because of his song lyrics. On June 17, a concert involving more than 40 performers from around Spain is planned to take place in the rapper’s home of Mallorca to show solidarity with the artist.

Valtonyc’s defense lawyer says he will call on the court to suspend his client’s prison sentence while he refers his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. NGO Amnesty International also condemned the prison sentence in a recent report.

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