Catalonia's Parliament Bureau in 2015

The Spanish Supreme Court has reaffirmed its jurisdiction to judge Catalonia’s referendum  case and refuses to pass it over to Spain’s High Court in Catalonia (TSJC), as the defendants’ lawyers asked for. However, the Spanish Supreme Court (TC) has transferred the case of six politicians accused of disobedience for helping organise the Catalan independence referendum to the referred lower court, following their appeals.

The TC accepted the petitions from former CUP MP Mireia Boya, and former parliament bureau members Lluís Guinó, Ramona Barrufet, Lluís Corominas, Joan Josep Nuet and Anna Simó.

The appeals from former Catalan ministers, pro-independence activists, and the former parliament speaker were rejected. The accusations they face include the more serious offences of rebellion and misuse of public funds.

Trial in January

In total, 18 people will be tried in the coming weeks for their role in the independence bid, which led to a referendum and a declaration of independence a year ago.

Leaders accused of rebellion are in jail while awaiting trial, with some having spent more than a year behind bars.