Spain’s digital repression continues against Catalonia’s anonymous protest platform Tsunami Democràtic. Spain asked Github, owned by Microsoft, to block access to the replicas of the movement’s website. The censorship comes ten days after a Spanish high court decreed the blocking of the main domain of the Tsunami. When you try to access some of the subdomains on the web that are hosted in Github, the following message appears: ‘Repository not available in your location.’

For security reasons, Tsunami Democràtic published a few days ago in Telegram the link to directly download its application. In such way, the movement avoided the intermediate step for replicas of its website that can not always be controlled.

In accordance with its transparency policy, Github has published Spain’s paramilitary Guardia Civil censorship petition, which defines the Tsunami Democràtic as a “criminal organisation that drives the commission of terrorist attacks” and affirms that the application “provides information on the riots and allows its users to communicate with each other to coordinate actions”.

Github publishes all requests for censorship and government intervention received. Apart from the Spanish petition, Russia and China have recently asked for censorship. Tsunami Democràtic tweeted: “Control, censorship, lies, right attacks… This is the democracy of Spain, attacking whoever dares to question it”.

Tsunami Democràtic has more than 380.000 subscribers in its Telegram channel.

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