Spain ranks 1st in sending musicians to jail

According to a study by the NGO Freemuse

02.02.2021 - 11:17
Actualització: 02.02.2021 - 12:17

Spain is one of the most repressive countries in relation to artistic freedom. According to a study by Freemuse NGO, Spain is the country that has sentenced more musicians to jail in 2018. There are fourteen rappers -Valtonyc, Pablo Hasel and the members of the group La Insurgencia- who have been condemned for crimes of terrorism or offending the Spanish royals.

The study analyses sixty countries and evaluates the cases of 1,807 artists. Nigeria, Russia and Turkey are the countries where more violations have been documented against the freedom of music. However, no country surpasses Spain in putting them into prison. Egypt and China occupy second place (six prison sentences), then Turkey (four) and Iran (three). Russia, Malawi and Tunisia close the list with one case each.

According to the NGO, in 2018 worldwide 2 musicians were murdered, 36 imprisoned, 24 detained, 6 were attacked and 44 were sanctioned.

Check the study here:

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