International tourism can begin again in Spain from July, Pedo Sánchez announced in a press briefing on Saturday afternoon. The Spanish president told hoteliers they can begin planning for a return to business and activity already, with an eye on receiving international visitors this summer.

Tourist accommodation businesses are able to reopen at full capacity in any health region in Phase 1 or later, which all of Spain will be from Monday. However, there are still restrictions on common areas in tourist accommodations, such as lobbies or swimming pools. Currently, people cannot travel between different health regions.

“We will take advantage of the great advantages our country has in relation to tourism,” the Socialist figurehead said. “The Spanish government has been working on safety protocols for the tourism and accommodation sector,” Sánchez explained to reporters. “I encourage all Spaniards to start planning their holidays already.” The Spanish president’s message for hoteliers was that they could already begin planning a return to activity “in the next few days.”

The Catalan president, Quim Torra, warned his Spanish counterpart, Pedro Sánchez, of opposition to any future state of alarm extension votes if Catalonia “cannot decide its own future.” Specifically, Torra wants powers that were lost during the first state of alarm, such as healthcare and police, to be returned to the Catalan authorities. “Until that happens, we will oppose any extension,” Torra warned in an institutional statement on Saturday.

Professional football 

Sánchez also announced that the La Liga professional football league can return the week of June 8. Teams have already returned to training and have undergone Covid-19 tests according to the league protocol to ease back to competition.

Currently, FC Barcelona sit top of the La Liga table, two points above Real Madrid in the standings. Espanyol are bottom and facing the threat of relegation, but have eleven games to bridge the 6-point gap that separates them from safety.

With Sánchez’s announcement on Saturday, the league is expected to soon confirm what date action will return.

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