Two of the activists involved with the pro-independence group Committees of the Defense of the Republic (CDR) who were previously arrested and provisionally jailed on terrorism charges have been released from prison on bail.

The National Court concluded that Ferran Jolis, one of the accused activists given bail of €5,000, had “no material contact with explosives,” while Alexis Codina was released on bail of €10,000 because even though he did not have any explosives in his home, some “precursor substances” were found there.  The lawyer of Alexis Codina related these “precursor substances” found at his home to materials from the activist’s work in restoring furniture and antiques. The release of the pair comes just a week after three other CDR activists were also released on bail.

Catalan President Quim Torra celebrated the release of the activists on Friday, and called on the acting Spanish President Pedro Sánchez to apologize for accusing the pro-independence movement of supporting “violence.” In a tweet, Torra stated that the CDR members should never have been imprisoned, lamented “defamation after defamation” related to the case, and stated that “for days and days” both the pro-independence movement and himself were “accused of harnessing violence.”

President Torra said that “many have to apologize” and called on Pedro Sánchez to behave presidentially. The Catalan executive made those considerations linking to a video with statements made by the PSOE leader in which he called on separatists to “strongly condemn violence in all its forms” in a September rally.

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