Ximo Puig is sworn in as President of the Valencian government

Thus formalising the political change in the region after twenty years of the same ruling party, Partit Popular

Montserrat Serra
26.06.2015 - 18:22
Actualització: 13.06.2022 - 09:54

The Valencia Country has sworn in the Socialist Ximo Puig as President of the government. It is the formalization of the most important political change of the last twenty years in this territory. During this time a single party Partit Popular (PP) ruled continuously. Executives have been affected by cases of corruption and responsible for repeated attacks on education and culture.

Ximo Puig (PSPV)  received the support of 50 deputies, the minimum for the majority. The Socialist Party of the Valencia Country (PSPV), Compromís and 8 out of 13 seats of Podem have voted in favor. The 44 deputies of PP and of Ciutadans voted against.  Podem justified the abstention of five of its members indicating that they wanted a “critical” support

The vote occurred after a session in which the new president Ximo Puig had argued assertively for improved funding, noting that the Valencians “are exhausted of offering new glories to Spain”. The first line of the current official Valencian anthem is: To offer new glories to Spain, all in one voice, brothers, come here.

The support given to the new president by Compromís and Podem parties was preceded by a joint agreement called “Acord del Botànic”, which supports a government of change in Valencia. The government that will form henceforth with Ximo Puig will consist of members of the Socialists and also with members of Compromís , among which is the party leader, Mónica Oltra who will take the position of vice-president.

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