Spanish police brutality against Catalan protestors in 10 videos

Footage from police officers beating and shooting against peaceful protestors and journalists

22.10.2019 - 08:09
Actualització: 22.10.2019 - 10:09

The lengthy prison sentences against Catalan pro-independence leaders have caused a huge wave of protests in Catalonia and solidarity messages have arrived from all over the world. The general strike on Friday was widely followed and saw thousands of participants in the Freedom Marches entering into Barcelona to join a massive and peaceful demonstration with more than half a million people, according to local police.

At the end of the rally, like in the previous days, Spanish police started heavy attacks on the protestors. They were helped by Catalan police. Although interior ministers and police authorities always talk about “adequate and proportionate operations”, the following videos from Friday clearly show brutal and arbitrary actions by Spanish police, often provoking incidents rather than containing them, and beating and shooting against peaceful protestors and journalists. Medical sources give the provisional figure of 289 injured people.

Video 1

How it all started: Spanish police enters a restaurant in Barcelona’s Via Laietana and arrests in this manner a 19-year-old who claims in an interview (in Catalan) that there was no reason for it.

Video 2

How it all started: Spanish police charges against peaceful protestors in Via Laietana.

Video 3

Spanish police driving at high speed in Via Laietana. A young boy (black sweater) is barely saved from being run over.

Video 4

In Girona, Spanish police beat and arrest an old man carrying a bucket full of water to put out a dumpster fire.

Video 5

One of many arrests in the streets of Barcelona.

Video 6

A peaceful protestor walks with a Catalan pro-independence flag in Girona and provokes this reaction from Spanish police.

Video 7

Police throws tear gas from the rooftops.


Video 8

Spanish police beats and arrests a photojournalist from El País who was clearly accredited as press. Almost a hundred journalists have been injured during the protests.

Video 9

Late in the night, Spanish olice officers keep beating (over the waistline) peaceful protestors who go home. A brave young girl challenges them.

Video 10

Like in Hong Kong, also late in the night Spanish police officers enter buses and go down into tube stations to beat and arrest protestors.

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